ACC helping ease the burden on business

Businesses are facing unprecedented financial pressures as a result of COVID-19.

Where possible ACC is taking practical steps to provide what respite and support they can during these times, while also safeguarding New Zealand's no-fault accident insurance scheme. 

As part of ACC’s plan for helping reduce the immediate impact of COVID-19 on businesses, ACC has delayed all invoicing by three months. 

Invoices for the 2020/21 financial year which would usually have been sent from 1 July will now be issued in October.

Payment options will be available once invoices are sent in October, to further assist businesses like yours, in managing payment of your invoice.

To find out more about the delay to invoicing visit

Choosing to be invoiced as normal

ACC is also providing you with the option to continue to be invoiced as per normal, if that better suits the needs of your business. 

You can simply log in to your MyACC for Business account or complete this form to opt out of the delay and choose to receive your 2020/21 invoice at the normal time. 

ACC is asking customers to consider this choice carefully, and only request this option if you’re able to pay any resulting invoices in full, or through an instalment plan.

By making this request, you will get all pending invoices or reassessments associated with your account, not just for the 2020 or 2021 financial years. 


Manage your ACC levy account in MyACC for Business

In MyACC for Business you can now review your information and make necessary changes if needed as well as updating your communication preferences to get your invoice by email. You can now also set up a payment plans in the portal. If you need further assistance you can also live chat with them about your levy account.

Further contact from ACC

As ACC prepares for the delayed invoicing in October, customers can expect to hear from ACC if they require more information from you to ensure your invoice is as accurate and timely as possible.

This may include conversations about your recent liable earnings, classification units or contact details. 

If you have any other general ACC business enquiries you can visit our business section on , call the business team on 0800 222 776, or email them at